Seller's Guide

Welcome to the Ripple community.

We are thrilled you are intested in opening a shop on the marketpalce and create waves of good. The following is a comprehensive guide to open a DIY shop from start to finish. Please feel free to also jump to different sections via the links below. If you have any questions along the way please contact us. Thank you!

Or if you would love to be a part of the marketplace but simply feel like you don't have enough time to create and manage a shop, let us know! Our team can create a shop for your organization and manage it going forward. Please contact us for more details on our Managed Shop Program. 


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First you will need to register with Ripple by cicking on the register button on the homepage.


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Once you have registered Click on “Open a Shop” in the site's footer and then "Open a shop on Ripple"


Complete the following by choosing a Shop Name, uploading a Shop Image (similar to a profile picture), and indicating your shop's country of origin.  


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After you’ve chosen your shop’s identity you can begin to upload and list items (products) for sale


Begin by choosing the cause(s) of the product and the category in which it should be listed



Add variation(s) to the product including color, size, flavor, weight, length, or height


Choose a title for your product. Try to include wording that will help inform buyers about the product and its cause. A person browsing the site may only see the listing for the product and nothing else. Use descriptive words and briefly describe in the title how their purchase helps. Let them know the good they are doing in this world. Words used in the product title will also be searchable through the site's search function. For example, if the word "scarf" is used the title of the product, the listing will appear when the word scarf is typed into the search function. Or if you happen to be listing an Awesome cat t-shirt, that too will be searchable. 


Upload up to five photos of your product. Please note all pictures must be equal to or more than 550 x 350. If your photos are not that large, please visit or a similar site and resize them for free.


Write a description of the product. Include everything you think the buyer would like to know including how this product benefits its cause. The product listing may be the buyer's only insight into the mission of the product and your organization. They may never see your shop page to learn more. Buyers on ripple are interested in both the details of the product itself and details about how its benefits the cause. 


Tag your product with up to thirteen words or phrases that consumers seeking this type of product may type in the search function for the marketplace. The tags should include phrases surrounding both the product and its cause. Secondly tag the product with up to thirteen materials used in the making of your product for the same purpose.


Choose a price, quantity of the product, processing time and shipping information. 



Finally you can preview your listing and choose to save your listing or go back and edit



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After you upload your first product for sale you will see the first preview of your store. Here you can continue listing more items under “List Items” or you can begin customizing your shop.


To customize your shop click on Add shop banner, add shop title or add shop announcement.



Clicking on any one of the three will bring you to the following screen. Here you add your Shop Title (tag line), Shop Banner Image (Cover photo), and links for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  Please include an elongated photo for your Shop Banner Image to ensure picture quality.



Next you can tell the story of your organization, what makes it unique, and the great cause this is all about. This section will be included on the main page of your shop below your tag line.



Followed by your message to buyers when they purchase your product. This area would be a great place again to ensure they know the direct positive benefit of the product they just purchased. And you can also add a message to buyers of digital products as well.



Once you hit save you will be brought back to your store page. Please disregard if your banner image does not appear correct. The marketplace will resize the image once the shop has been activated. If the problem persists, please use a different photo.


Next you can continue to customize your shop by adding shop sections. First click on the Add shop sections and then you can create as many sections as you would like. Once you have posted products for sale on the marketplace you can move the products into the sections created.



Edit shop owner information. Here you can update information about yourself as the shop owner. You can include as much or little information as you would like.



Add additional shop policy information for members. Here you can include general shop policies, payment policy, shipping policy, refund policy, additional information you deem necessary, and seller information if applicable.



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Click on Manage Listings to make edits or delete any items for sale


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The next step is either the creation of an account with our payment provider, Stripe, or connecting your existing Stripe account with Ripple. 

Click on the box next to Stripe Connect and an additional box will appear to begin the process. 



Complete the Stripe Connect Form in its entirety as indicated. 



Once complete you will be redirected back to the Get Paid portion of ripple. The only difference you will notice is information from Stripe will be included. Please hit the "Save" button and your Stripe Connect account will be connected with ripple. You are now ready to begin accepting payments through the marketplace. 




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The final step in the creation of your shop is providing Ripple with your address information. Once complete please hit save and everything should be complete. 




After everything has been completed and the shop is just the way you want it please email us at We will perform a quick online due diligence process and activate your store within 24 - 48 hours. Once activated you will receive an email from our team confirming activation. At that time your shop and all of your listings will appear on the website.