Other Ways


A new way of thinking has enlightened our world. A way of thinking about how businesses operate and their overall missions and goals. Business that does not look at profit as the main motivator but as a means to helping make this world a better place. 


This new way of thinking can take on many different forms from helping fight poverty, to fighting disease, to helping animals find good forever homes. There are simply way too many forms to mention. We at Ripple applaud all social entrepreneurs and social enterprises that are operating under this new model. Other ways on Ripple is for all of the other social entrepreneurs that do not fit within our current predefined categories. 



Products purchased in this section will:

- Help refugees that have resettled here in the US become contributing members of our society.

- Help skilled artisans in Guatemala create sustainable employment.

- Help underpriveledged women in Cambodia, Bangladesh, and India have access to regualr work, fair wages, education for their children, and future stability for themselves, their families and communities.

- Support a blind artisan in Cambodia who lost her sight in an acid attack in 1999. 

- Support Syrian refugees in a Jordan refugee camp hoping for a better life. 

- Bless children in South Africa who have been orphaned because of AIDS.

- Support women artisans in a domestic abuse shelter in South Africa. 


Please check out Other Ways on the marketplace to explore and discover the amazing products and create a Ripple of good that will be felt around the globe.