How to Shop


    You can browse products on Ripple by Product, by Cause, or both. Or even by Seller. But don't worry, all avenues create a ripple of good in the world. Play around. Have fun. 
    • By Product category: Click Shop by Product on the homepage and choose from the categories listed. You can the refine your search even further by choosing a Cause in addition to product category. 
    • By Purpose category: Click Shop by Cause on the homepage and choose the purpose most important to you. You can then refine your search even further by choosing a Product category in addition to Cause. 
    • By Seller: Click Browse all Shops on the footer of the website and view all social enterprise shops on the marketplace. Click on any shop to view their items for sale and the causes they benefit.
    • Using the search bar: Simply type in a keyword or seller you are looking for and hit Enter on your keyboard. 


Learn more about each product and the purpose it supports by simply clicking on the item photo.  


    Click on the green button Add to Cart and the item will be placed in your shopping cart. Once the product has been added green words will appear in the middle of the product description indicating Product Added in your Cart. Your shopping cart in the upper right hand corner of the site will also now indicate the number of items currently in your cart.   


Once a product has been added to your cart continue shopping by simply hitting the back button. You will be brought back to the same location to continue browsing items for sale.

    Click on the Shopping Cart symbol in the upper right hand corner of the website and see the details of the products you have added including the sellers you are buying from.  In this section you can also include an additional message to the seller if desired.

    After clicking on the shopping cart symbol and confirming the items in your cart you are ready to check out. Please click on Add a new shipping address. This will prompt you to log into the site. Returning users please log in using your previous information. New users will need to register for the site clicking on the Register button in the upper right hand corner of the website. Once you are logged in you can choose from the shipping addresses previously entered to view shipping costs and your final tally. Next click Proceed to checkout and a box will appear asking for your financial information including billing address.

    Once your order has been completed the screen will confirm the successful transaction. You will then receive a confirmation email to your registered email address with all of the applicable details. You can always view all of your purchases at any time by logging in and clicking on You and then Purchases and Reviews. In this section you can view your receipt or contact the shop directly.


After receiving the product by mail you can write your review to let other users know your satisfaction or displeasure with your purchase. To write a review click on You and then Purchases and Reviews. All of your previous purchases will   be displayed. Click on View Receipt and a separate window will pop up with a copy of your receipt. You will see a link below the picture of the item titled Review. Simply write your review and that’s it! The community will now know   about your purchase.


If you have any questions about your order, please go to the seller page and contact the seller directly. If you have trouble getting a response from a seller, please contact Ripple.