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Ripple relies on transparency and is here to answer any and all questions you may have about the marketplace, sellers, the causes, or products. Please either contact us or refer to the list of frequently answered questions below. We are here to help in any way possible. 







Q. How do I shop?

A. Ripple is a unique marketplace offering consumers the ability to shop either by product, their favorite purpose, or a combination of the two. You can even find and shop directly from the individual social enterprise shops on the marketplace from our Browse All Shops page. If you would like additional details on the process please visit How to Shop.


Q. How can I write a review of the product I purchased?

A. After receiving your product by mail you can write a review to let others know your level of satisfaction with the purchase. To write a review click on You and then Purchases and Reviews. All of your previous purchases will be displayed. Click on View Receipt and a separate window will pop up with a copy of your confirmation. You will see a link below the picture of the item titled Review. Simply write your review and that's it!! You have done your part to let the community know of your experience.


Q. Who do I contact with questions about my order?

A. If you have questions about your order please contact the Seller directly. Go to the Seller's shop page and on the left hand side is a link titled, "Contact the Shop Owner." Click on the link and a box will pop up giving you the ability to converse directly with the Seller. If you have any issues or problems getting in contact with the Seller please contact Ripple.


Q. How do I know what purpose each product benefits and exactly how does it benefit?

A. Great question. Each individual product and social enterprise benefits their cause of choice in a unique and innovative method. In the Green box next to each product listing is a bullet point titled Purpose of Product. The purposes listed are the ones benefiting from the purchase of that product. To see exactly how the product benefits that purpose please see either the detail section of that product listing or the Seller's shop page. 


Social Enterprises


Q. I am interested in opening a shop. What are the next steps?

A. The next step is to decide if you would like to create the shop on your own or would like the expert team at Ripple to create the shop for you.

1) If you would like to create your own DIY shop, begin by registering on the site and then click on the link in the upper right hand corner titled "Sell." Once you click on this tab it will begin walking you through the shop creation process. We have created a Seller's Guide to help you throughout the shop creation process with additional information and details on the various sections. If you have any additional questions throughout the process contact us. We live to help. Once you have completed your shop and would like it acitvated please email us at We will peform a quick online due diligence process and activate your shop within 24-48 hours. 

2) If you would like the experts at Ripple to create a Managed shop for you please email us at and let us know you would like to create waves of change! We will email you the details of the process including creating your shop using images and text from your existing website. 


Q. What are the costs to sell on Ripple?

A. The cost to create a shop and upload products for sale are always FREE! There are absolutely no costs to get your store up and running on Ripple. There are no monthly or activation fees either. When a product sells a small 3.75% transaction fee will be applied for DIY shops or 5.95% for Managed shops. This is the only cost applied by Ripple. Period. Plus Ripple waives the transaction fee for the first three months your shop is open! Try out the marketplace absolutely risk free. 


Q. How does the payment processing work?

A. Ripple uses the payment provider Stripe to host and transact all payments. One step in the shop creation process is to create an account with Stripe that will be automatically connected to the marketplace. When a customer purchases an item in your shop the funds from the transaction are directly deposited into your Stripe account at the time of purchase. Stripe willl assess a charge of 2.9% + 30 cents to process the transaction. All sensitive information provided by you and customers are hosted and secured directly on Stripe's servers. If you would like additional information regarding Stripe's security please click here


Q. Do you accept international sellers?

A. Ripple is an international marketplace designed to eventually service companies doing good around the globe. The only restriction is you must reside in the current list of countries serviced by our payment provider Stripe. Please see the list of countries Stripe can service. The list is being expanded frequently so if your country is not currently on the list please check back as it could be added soon. In addition, if you country is in Private Beta mode, please contact us and we will work with Stripe to include you in the Private Beta.