About Ripple


Ripple began from a desire to do good. From looking around at our world and seeing all of the chaos, confusion, and problems that plague it and wanting to do something about it. But at the same time feeling like the problems are too large and too unknown for a person like me to do anything about. This was the beginning.

Ripple provides anyone with a desire to do good in the world the ability to do just that. Simply with a purchase. Seriously that is it. Nothing more. Purchase a product and create a ripple of good that will be felt throughout the globe. You were going to do some shopping today anyways, might as well be a hero in the process.


Whether you are passionate about an individual cause or just want to know your purchase is doing good then this is your place and you can start today. Every purchased is tied to a social cause and helps fight the plague and build a better tomorrow. You, yes You have this ability! Learn more below about how your one purchase can create a ripple of good. Then simply purchase a product and create your own ripple of good today. 







Social Enterprise


And the Ripple continues.....the Ripple Marketplace itself is a social enterprise. Each year Ripple will donate 25% of its profits to three non-profits that will change and rotate annually. Please see below to learn more about the amazing organizations for 2016: